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  1. UNIQUE IN ITS CATEGORY: A wolf in sheep’s clothing—at first glance, CYB looks like a witty light-hearted relationship advice book but it packs a serious punch when it comes to delivering proven self-development tools and practices for personal and relational growth.
  2. WARM, HUMOROUS, AND HEARTFELT STYLE: Shannon and Beau’s writing feels like good advice from good friends when you need it the most. They share their own experiences with love and loss as well as their transformational journey utilizing the tools and practices taught in CYB. They offer laugh-out-loud insight and leave you feeling like you can get back on your feet and love again—your way.
  3. TIMELY SUBJECT MATTER: Couples counselling, divorce, and dating is on the rise. CYB offers a modern look at designing and choosing your relationship that is perfectly aligned with the current collective surge of individuals undergoing significant life changes.
  4. MOTIVATED AUTHORS WITH REACH AND RAPPORT: As long-time friends, Shannon and Beau are engaging, interesting, and entertaining conversationalists— excellent for interviews, panels, and podcasts. Beau’s years of working with celebrities and high-profile individuals, coupled with Shannon’s public relations business, make them a power duo when it comes to marketing and reach.
  5. PROFESSIONAL MARKETING SAVVY: Shannon’s company, Milk, is a world-leader in marketing and communications offering valuable expertise, resources, and savvy when it comes to the promotions of CYB.
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ISBN-13: 9781637560037
Publisher: Wonderwell
Publication Date: February 7th, 2022