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You Deserve Great Sex

When it comes to relationships, our society has plenty of expectations. We're supposed to know how to speak up for ourselves in bed, be caring partners, and, of course, love ourselves first. But no one tells us how to actually do all those things, and we are left feeling unsatisfied, confused, and ashamed when we don't measure up.

Former Deputy District Attorney Rena Martine was in that position. After rejecting the ideal white-picket fence life, she embarked on a journey to redefine intimacy in a way that felt true. In the years that followed, Rena defied all of society's sexual norms, built a presence as a global women's intimacy coach, and created the intimate life she craved.

Now she brings those experiences to you! With no-holds-barred honesty, stories from real-life women, and sparkling humor, THE SEX YOU WANT will help you:

  • Build a secure relationship with your most important partner—YOURSELF
  • Get in touch with YOUR expectations for relationships so you can date more intentionally
  • Demystify lifestyle practices outside of the heterosexual-monogamous-vanilla box with frank discussions of female sexual fluidity, kink, and ethical non-monogamy
  • Find apps, products, and communities to satisfy any curiosity
  • Bring deep intimacy and exciting variety into your bedroom and beyond

When it comes to intimacy, vulnerability, and connection, you'll find that no two women are alike. THE SEX YOU WANT replaces cookie-cutter advice with powerful self-discovery tools to help you make friends with your own confidence and curiosity, build rock-solid relationships, and embrace what YOU love!

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ISBN-13: 9781728275918
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024