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I have been a Bigfoot researcher in the state of Minnesota for over 30 years, dedicated to the pursuit of a giant hairy upright walking manlike or apelike creature that keeps being encountered by scores of people year after year but has even more people scoffing and insisting that it can not and does not exist.

What a surprise it was near the end of 2019 to find that there was a place in Minnesota a three hours' drive from my home in the city of Moorhead (sister city to Fargo, North Dakota) where there was reported to be a consistent and perhaps even permanent Bigfoot presence within a few square miles of private property.

Hands down, it quickly became the single most intense Bigfoot case I have ever investigated. This is the story of my first-hand experiences, interviews with witnesses, and subsequent research that would follow from these encounters.

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ISBN-13: 9781955471008
Publisher: Hangar 1 Publishing
Publication Date: November 18th, 2021