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The proceedings of the 4th Stability and Control Processes Conference are focused on modern applied mathematics, stability theory, and control processes. The conference was held in recognition of the 90th birthday of Professor Vladimir Ivanovich Zubov (1930–2000).

This selection of papers reflects the wide-ranging nature of V. I. Zubov’s work, which included contributions to the development of the qualitative theory of differential equations, the theory of rigid body motion, optimal control theory, and the theory of electromagnetic fields. It helps to advance many aspects of the theory of control systems, including questions of motion stability, nonlinear oscillations in control systems, navigation and reliability of control devices, vibration theory, and quantization of orbits. The disparate applications covered by the book – in mechanical systems, game theory, solid-state physics, socio-economic systems and medical and biological systems, control automata and navigation – are developments from Professor Zubov’s in-depth studies on the theory of stability of motion, the theory of automatic control and the theory of the motions of optimal processes.

St**ability and Control Processes presents research continuing the legacy of V. I. Zubov and updates it with sections focused on intelligence-based control. These proceedings will be of interest to academics, professionals working in industry and researchers alike.

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Publication Date: March 14th, 2022