Bad Habits: A Love Story (Soft Skull Press)
Bad Habits is the mostly-autobiographical story of Road's personal revolution.

Growing up Cuban in West Miami, the protagonist clashes with the confining and repressive aspects of that culture, and, like countless other young people, leaves for New York as soon as she's able. Landing in Brooklyn, she moves into a house full of wild characters, and enters an underground scene that few ever see. Of her new family, she writes, "We were the things that went bump, crack, and hump in the night."

Cubana artist Cristy Road's work makes me so happy. Where else can you see drawings of a black genderqueer boy flashing his top surgery scars and grinning, or two girls hitchiking in the desert holding a sign that reads 'Indigenous Soverrignty or Bust,' all drawn with love, color, and punk rock grit?
-Bitch Magazine

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Friday, February 6, 2009 - 7:30pm
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Skylight Books