DAVID VIENNA reads from his parenting book CALM THE F*CK DOWN

Calm the F*ck Down (Knock Knock)

Based on a no-holds-barred post that swept the internet, Calm the F*ck Down is for parents who desperately need a chill pill. This helpful how-to offers a diaperload of practical advice from parenting blogger David Vienna, and shows that common sense can get you through most parenting dilemmas. The guttural stepsister to Keep Calm & Carry On, Calm The F*k Down includes advice from actual experts and blends authoritative and humorous in equal parts.

Praise for Calm The F*ck Down:

“Step 1: Buy this book. Step 2: There is no second step.” —Farah Miller, editor Huffington Post Parents

“If Vienna's CTFD had been available four years ago, the money I could have saved on antacid and Grecian Formula would easily fund my daughter's first year of college.” —Dave Engledow, author of World's Best Father

“David Vienna is a singular voice of reason amidst the obnoxious echo chamber of parenting philosophies and self-help guru-dom. His humor will persuade you to let your guard down, and his honesty in the face of one of life’s greatest challenges—raising children—will have you feeling sane again.” —Charlie Capen, creator HowToBeADad.com

“We’ve become a nation of risk-averse, safety-obsessed, Purell-loving freaks, and David Vienna thinks it's time that we all just calmed the f*ck down. Hilarious, helpful and—most importantly—the antidote to the age of over-parenting.” —Melissa Sher, creator of Mammalingo.com

“I've been trying to calm the f*ck down since the minute I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. Literally. Like, I'm medicated for it now so I'm mostly okay, but this book is like yoga for my obsessed-mother mind. I feel so Zen after reading it! And I also got a great ab workout from all the laughs. I think it should be required reading for all parents. Heck, can it just be required reading for everyone? Because I think parents and non-parents alike could use a little CTFD when it comes to dealing with kids.” —Jill Krause, author of Baby Rabies

David Vienna is a father of twin boys, a former journalist and spent a few years writing for reality television. That one really awesome episode of House Hunters—yeah, that was his. He covers parenting issues at TheDaddyComplex.com and other questionable sites, and has also spoken at the Dad 2.0 Summit. His work also appears in exquisitely crafted drunken emails to his friends from high school. He loves E.L.O., ’70s horror films, Philly cheesesteaks and napping.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 7:30pm
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