Upgrade Soul (Lion Forge)

For their 45th anniversary, Hank and Molly Nonnar decide to undergo an experimental rejuvenation procedure, but their hopes for youth are dashed when the couple is faced with the results: severely disfigured yet intellectually and physically superior duplicates of themselves. Can the original Hank and Molly coexist in the same world as their clones? In Upgrade Soul, McDuffie Award­winning creator Ezra Claytan Daniels asks probing questions about what shapes our identity. ­Is it the capability of our minds or the physicality of our bodies? Is a newer, better version of yourself still you? This page­turning graphic novel follows Hank and Molly as they discover the harsh truth that only one version of themselves is fated to survive.

Praise for Upgrade Soul

"It’s truly one of the best comics of the year, full of incredible depth of characterization, unexpected turns, difficult resolutions, and broad themes dealt with using pinpoint precision.”— The Comics Journal

“One of the best comics I’ve read in years.”— Mat Johnson, author, Incognegro, Loving Day

“A beautiful work of deep emotional resonance. It transcends the medium of comics, settling comfortably in the realm of literature. Nothing short of a masterpiece.”— David Walker, writer of Cyborg, Shaft, and Power Man and Iron Fist

“Dazzling, disturbing science fiction.”— Heidi MacDonald, The Beat

“A stunning work of feverish imagining, snarky satire, and necessary skepticism.”— Evan Narcisse, io9, writer of Rise of the Black Panther

“At the heart of this complex, cutting­edge comic is an old­fashioned tale: that love giveslife its meaning. Immersive, touching sci­fi.”— Publisher’s Weekly [Starred Review]

“A masterful comic book experience.”— Farel Dalrymple, The Wrenchies, Proxima Centauri, Pop Gun War

“Hooked me from the first image and held me, enthralled, to the last. A frightening, spooky, fast­paced thriller, and several different kinds of love stories.”— Tom de Haven, author, It’s Superman, Freak’s Amour

“Science Fiction has a new holy tome.”— Hello Yellow Room

Ezra Claytan Daniels is a writer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA. His work has been featured at the Fantoche International Animation Festival in Baden, Switzerland, the Fumetto International Comics Festival in Lucerne, Haarlem Stripdagen in the Netherlands, and the Whitney Museum. His new graphic novel, Upgrade Your Soul, was the recipient of the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics.

Your Black Friend and Other Strangers (Silver Sprocket)

In Your Black Friend and Other Strangers, Ben Passmore masterfully tackles comics about race, gentrification, the prison system, online dating, gross punks, bad street art, kung fu movie references, beating up God, and lots of other grown­up stuff with refreshing doses of humor and lived relatability. The title comic earned Passmore an Eisner nomination, Ignatz Award for “Outstanding Comic”, and a coveted spot on NPR’s100 Favorite Graphic Novelslist. The comics in this 120­page collection include works previously published by The Nib, VICE, and the As You Were anthology, along with brand new and unreleased material.These comics are essential, humorous, and accessible, told through Passmore’s surreallens in the vibrant full­color hues of New Orleans

Ben Passmore is a Philadelphia­based cartoonist. He self ­publishes Dayglo Ayhole, a comic series in equal parts about the apocalypse and anxiety. Ben’s work has appeared in Vice, The Nib, As You Were, Irene, and Felony. His critically acclaimedminicomic, Your Black Friend, was the 2017 Dinky Award winner for Best Minicomic, an Eisner Award nominee for Best One­Shot, and winner of the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic.

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Upgrade Soul Cover Image
ISBN: 9781549302923
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Lion Forge - September 18th, 2018

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ISBN: 9781945509209
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Published: Silver Sprocket - April 15th, 2018

Your Black Friend Cover Image
ISBN: 9781945509032
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Silver Sprocket - December 2016