RICK MOODY reads and signs his novel "THE FOUR FINGERS OF DEATH"

Rick Moody

The Four Fingers of Death (Little, Brown & Co.)

Rick Moody (The Diviners) will read and sign his sprawling new novel -- an "adaptation" of a (fictional) 1960s pulp horror movie. This one's for readers of Vonnegut and Pynchon, and we know there are a lot of you out there!

"The book is entertaining and often poignant, probing the limits of technology, consciousness, and language in the face of grief." --The New Yorker

"The Four Fingers of Death reads [...] like a 700-page Kurt Vonnegut book." --Time Out New York

Rick Moody is the award-winning author of Black Veil, Demonology, The Diviners, Garden State, The Ice Storm, Purple America, and Right Livelihoods

Photo of the author by Thatcher Keats.

Event date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Event address: 
Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont Avenue
90027 Los Angeles
The Four Fingers of Death Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316118910
Availability: Special Order
Published: Little, Brown and Company - July 7th, 2010

Ideal for fans of such comic
masterpieces as Slaughterhouse-Five, The Crying of Lot 49, and Catch-22, The Four Fingers of Death is a stunningly inventive,
sometimes hilarious, monumental novel by the author of The Diviners.

The Ice Storm Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316706001
Availability: Not in stock. Available To Order.
Published: Back Bay Books - April 10th, 2002

The year is 1973. As a freak winter storm bears down on an exclusive, affluent suburb in Connecticut, cark skid out of control, men and women swap partners, and their children experiment with sex, drugs, and even suicide. Here two families, the Hoods and the Williamses, com face-to-face with the seething emotions behind the well-clipped lawns of their lives-in a novel widely hailed as a funny, acerbic, and moving hymn to a dazed and confused era of American life.

The Diviners Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316013277
Availability: Special Order
Published: Back Bay Books - January 1st, 2007

With savvy and structural mastery not unlike Tom Wolfe and Jonathan Franzen, Moody has penned a hilarious and generous novel about ambition, folly, and the tyranny of buzz.

Demonology Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316592109
Availability: Not in stock. Available To Order.
Published: Back Bay Books - April 10th, 2002

Now in paperback, the exuberantly praised collection of short fiction--featured on the cover of "The New York Times Book Review"--that established Rick Moody as one of the leading literary voices of his generation.

The Black Veil Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316739016
Availability: Not in stock. Available To Order.
Published: Back Bay Books - May 12th, 2003

In this searing, brilliantly acclaimed memoir, one of the most admired writers of his generation reveals how a decade of alcohol, drugs, and other indulgences led him not to the palace of wisdom but to a psychiatric hospital in one of New York's less exalted boroughs.

Right Livelihoods: Three Novellas Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316166355
Availability: Not in stock. Available To Order.
Published: Back Bay Books - August 11th, 2008

At the center of The Omega Force, which opens RIGHT LIVELIHOODS, is a buffoonish former government official in rocky recovery. Dr. "Jamie" Van Deusen is determined to protect his habitat--its golf courses (and Bloody Marys), pizza places (and beers) from "dark complected" foreign nationals. His patriotism and wild imagination are mainly fueled by a fall off the wagon. The collection's second novella, K & K, concerns a lonely young office manager at an insurance agency, where the office suggestion box is yielding unpleasant messages that escalate to a scary pitch. Ellie Knight- Cameron's responses to these random diatribes illuminate the toll that a lack of self-awareness can take. The book ends with a cataclysmic vision of New York City, after the leveling of 50 square blocks of Manhattan. Four million have died. Albertine, the "street name for the buzz of a lifetime," is a mindaltering drug that sets The Albertine Notes in motion. Only Rick Moody could lead us to feel affection for the various misguided, earnestly striving characters in this alternately unsettling and warm trio of stories.