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For All : Para Todos (Hard Ball Press)

A young girl named Flor and her father are driven to leave their country for the promise of a land called For All. When Flor comes to understand the deep impact of their immigration papers, she picks up her green pen and writes from the heart, telling the story of immigrants who have been excluded from “justice for all.” She inspires others to speak up and take action in the hope that their new country will live up to its ideals. A timely bilingual story, written in musical rhyme, beautifully illustrated, calling children to compassion and courage.

Alejandra Domenzain grew up in Mexico and the United States. She has been an advocate for immigrant workers for over 25 years, and also worked as an elementary school teacher. Currently, she is dedicated to improving workplace health and safety for low wage workers. Alejandra is using her green pen to write books that invite kids to question, dream, and stand up for justice. Alejandra Domenzain se crió en México y los Estados Unidos. Ha abogado por los trabajadores inmigrantes por más de 20 años y también fue maestra de primaria. Actualmente, se dedica a mejorar la salud y seguridad laboral para los trabajadores de bajos ingresos. Alejandra está usando su pluma verde para escribir libros que invitan a los niños a cuestionar, soñar y defender la justicia.

Apolonio (Polo) Morales is the Director of External Affairs for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA). He is a former labor and faith based community organizer who worked on immigration and workers rights. Currently, he coordinates the California Table for Immigration Reform, a statewide table advancing policies and federal immigration reform through the Yes Immigrants Forward Campaign. 

Melody Klingenfuss was born in Guatemala City and came to the United States to reunite with her birth mother at the age of 9 years old. She is a DACA recipient since 2015, and led the largest organized network of undocumented youth and allies in the West Coast for four years and now serves as the Coordinator for Cal State LA’s Erika Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center. 

Yasmin Martinez is California Valley Organizer for United We Dream. 

Bill Morgan has taught elementary school in SF for 34 years, about half of those as a Spanish bilingual teacher. He joined the Labor in the Schools Committee in 1997 and helped write several of their publications. Recently, they included climate justice in their work, and their latest book is entitled "The Climate File."

Katherine Loh is the illustrator of For All/ Para Todos. She is an artist, illustrator, and muralist. Her parents came from Taiwan and she grew up in Texas, later joining community arts organizations in the Bay Area including Precita Eyes Muralists and the Richmond Arts Center. She is currently living in Switzerland.

Tim Sheard, the founder and owner of Hard Ball Press,  is dedicated to helping writers tell stories. He is a retired hospital nurse, is an organizer with the National Writers Union, and has published eleven novels, as well as a music CD.


For All/ Para Todos: Discussion Questions 

Written by Alejandra Domenzain; Illustrated by Katherine Loh 

1. Flor and her dad decide to go to For All because there are no jobs in their country. What are other reasons why immigrants leave their home? 

2. What are Flor’s expectations of life in For All? How does the reality differ from what she dreamed about? 

3. The dad did indeed find jobs in For All, but they were probably not what he had hoped for. Why? 

4. Ms. Soto plays an important role in the story. What does Flor learn from her? 5, What is the role of writing and story-telling in this book? 

6. How does Flor try to convince people to vote for fairness for immigrants? What other arguments could she make? 

7. Flor feels that loving her new home means telling hard truths to help make it a better place. Do you think it’s patriotic to try to change things that seem unfair to you? 8. Flor notices that stories of undocumented immigrants are not told from their point of view on TV (or other media). Why does this matter? 

9. The dad chose to remain quiet and obey the instructions on the papers (until he decided to speak up at the very end). Why do you think he made that choice? 

10. The X on the papers in this story stand for a kind of “deal” that’s made with immigrants—on the one hand they are needed to work and they make great contributions to For All. In this sense, they are members or “citizens.” One the other hand, they do not have the right papers or permission to be here. How could this be solved? 

11. Flor found a group of people who also wanted to make change. What is the advantage of taking action with others? 

12. The green pen represents your voice to tell stories and advocate for justice. What do you want to do with your green pen?

For All/ Para Todos: Preguntas para Discusión 

Written by Alejandra Domenzain; Illustrated by Katherine Loh 

1. Flor y su papá deciden ir a Para Todos porque no hay trabajo en su país. ¿Cuáles son otras razones por las cuales los inmigrantes dejan su hogar? 

2. ¿Cuáles son las expectativas de Flor para la vida en Para Todos? ¿De qué forma es diferente la realidad de lo que ella había soñado? 

3. El papá sí encontró trabajo en Para Todos, pero no era lo que había esperado. ¿Por qúe? 4. La Señora Soto tiene un papel importante en la historia. ¿Qué aprende Flor de ella? 5. ¿Qué papel juega el escribir y contar historias en este libro? 

6. ¿Cómo es que Flor trata de convencer a otras personas a que voten por la justicia para los inmigrantes? ¿Qué otros argumentos podría hacer? 

7. Flor siente que el amar su hogar nuevo quiere decir que debe decir la verdad aunque sea difícil, ayudando así a mejorar el país. ¿Tú crees que es patriótico tratar de cambiar las cosas que te parecen injustas? 

8. Flor se da cuenta de que las historias de los indocumentados no se cuentan desde su punto de vista en la televisión (o en otros medios de comunicación). ¿Cuál es la importancia de esto? 

9. El papá decidió quedarse callado y obedecer las instrucciones en el papel (hasta que decidió alzar su voz al final). ¿Por qué crees que tomó esa decisión? 

10. La X en los papeles en esta historia representa un tipo de “trato” que se hace con los inmigrantes. Por un lado, los necesitan para trabajar y ellos hacen contribuciones importantes a Para Todos. En este sentido, son miembros o “ciudadanos”. Por el otro lado, no tienen los papeles correctos o el permiso de estar aquí. ¿Cómo se podría resolver este problema? 

11. Flor encontró un grupo de personas que también querían lograr cambios. ¿Cuál es la ventaja de actuar junto con otras personas? 

12. La pluma verde representa tu voz para contar historias y abogar por la justicia. ¿Qué

quieres hacer con tu pluma verde?


Selected resources for teaching about contemporary 

immigrant and worker rights*


Children’s books about current advocacy for labor rights today (not in the past)


  • ¡Sí Se Puede!/ Yes We Can! Janitors Strike in L.A., by Diana Cohn

  • Joelito’s Big Decision, by Ann Berlak (Fight for $15 movement)

  • Jimmy’s Carwash Adventure, by Victor Narro (car wash workers organizing)

  • Undocumented: A Worker’s Fight, by Duncan Tonatiuh (wage theft of immigrant workers)

  • For All/ Para Todos, by Alejandra Domenzain (rights of undocumented workers)


Children’s books about current advocacy for immigration rights (addressing laws/policies)


  • For All/ Para Todos, by Alejandra Domenzain 

  • No Voice Too Small, by Jeanette Bradley (a Dreamer is included in this collection of young people making a difference)


Teen/young adult books about advocacy for immigration rights 


  • We Are Here to Stay: Voices of Undocumented Adults, by Susan Kuklin

  • Organizing While Undocumented: Immigrant Youth’s Political Activism Under the Law, by Kevin Escuerdo

  • Dear America: Young Reader’s Edition: The Story of an Undocumented Citizen, by Jose Antonio Vargas (also his documentary: “Documented”)

  • No Voice Too Small, No Voice Too Small: Fourteen Young Americans Making History, by 14 different poets, includes one about a Quinceanera protest at the Texas capitol

  • Immigration Nation: The American Identity in the Twenty-first Century, by Judy Dodge Cummings

  • Dreamers: An Immigrant Generation’s Fight for Their American Dream, by Eileen Truax 

  • Dreams Deported: Immigrant Youth and Families Resist Deportation, edited by the UCLA Labor Center (Spanish language version available)


Middle grade/YA books with voices of undocumented youth



Resources for teaching about the U.S. Mexico border and family separations



  • Middle grade/teen books showing family separations in detention centers

    • Land of the Cranes, by Aida Salazar

    • We Are Not From Here, by Jenny Torres Sanchez

    • Efren Divided, by Ernesto Cisneros

    • Mama’s Nightingale: A Story of Immigration and Separation, by Edwidge Danticat


Resources for teaching about social change



* This is a work in progress. Please let me know about others to add at: forall.book.paratodos.libro@gmail.com


Check for more resources at: www.forall-paratodos.net

Read-alikes from the LAPL: 


Dos conejos blancos / Jairo Buitrago ; ilustrado por Rafael Yockteng

Two white rabbits / written by Jairo Buitrago ; illustrated by Rafael Yockteng ; translated by Elisa Amado.


Marwan's journey / Patricia de Arias ; illustrated by Laura Borràs.

El camino de Marwan / Patricia de Arias ; ilustraciones de Laura Borràs.


Me and my fear / by Francesca Sanna

Yo y mi miedo / Francesca Sanna ; traducción, Belén Sánchez Parodi


Dreamers / Yuyi Morales

Soñadores / Yuyi Morales ; traducción de Teresa Mlawer

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For All: Para Todos Cover Image
By Alejandra Domenzain, Katherine Loh (Illustrator), Irene Prieto de Coogan (Translator)
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