TARA ISON, JAMES REICH, and SCOT SOTHERN read and discuss their newest work

Rockaway (Soft Skull) by Tara Ison; Bombshell (Soft Skull) by James Reich; Curb Service (Soft Skull) by Scot Sothern

From Tara Ison, author of A Child Out of Alcatraz and co-writer of the cult film Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead comes a brand new novel that is a time capsule love letter to a quirky, singular town, in a time before an entire community was brought to its knees in the events about to occur in September 2001.

Rockaway Beach, 2001. Sarah, a painter from southern California, retreats to this eccentric, eclectic beach town in the far reaches of Queens with the hopes of rediscovering her passion for painting. Sarah has the opportunity for a real gallery showing if only she can create some "new and interesting work." There, near the beach, she hopes to escape a life caught in the stasis of caregiving for her elderly parents and working at an art supply store to unleash the artist within.

Bombshell, the brand new novel from James Reich is a feminist nuclear thriller set twenty-five years after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, in which an alienated young Russian woman born in its shadow undertakes a road trip across the U.S., waging a guerrilla war against the nuclear industry and leaving in her wake a trail of destruction and assassinations. Obsessed with would-be Warhol assassin Valerie Solanas, Varyushka Cash recreates her atomic past through escalating violence and her one true goal: an assault on the Indian Point nuclear plant on the bank of the Hudson River. All along she is relentlessly pursued by the CIA, eager to capture Varyushka on charges of domestic terrorism. The cat-and-mouse chase leads to a final showdown in a decimated and irradiated New York, there on the cusp of a frightening new future.

Cruising nighttime byways for an adrenaline fix, Scot Sothern first patronized the marketplace of curbside prostitution surfing the prurient whims of a young man. He dove to the murky depths of sexual obsession and resurfaced five years later, shell-shocked and without excuse. While there, trusty Nikon in hand, Scot, a second-generation photographer, made full-frontal X-rated exposures, black and white, filled with pathos and an uncanny realism. Curb Service recounts Sothern's past as a troubled kid in the 1960s who visited two-dollar whorehouses and as an adult in the 1980s is still at it.

Praise for Tara Ison:

"Here is a young woman at the end of her leash, the end of her youth, the edge of her art, not doing a melancholy artist-on-the-beach thing, but confronting the many true colors of her life in this beautiful and dangerous season. Tara Ison's "Rockaway" is a stirring, fresh look at a tough passage." --Ron Carlson

""Rockaway" is an illuminating inquiry into the nature of love, the meaning of art, the power of faith and family, and how grace is discovered in the most unexpected places --a stunning, modern echo of Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse" with a uniquely brilliant voice." --Emily Rapp

Praise for James Reich:

"Reich's novel is chock full of explosive ideas conveyed with radioactive prose. His heroine Varyuska Cash makes Lisbeth Salander look like a dimwitted Mary Poppins. This is dangerous fiction - handle with extreme caution." --Isaac Adamson, Edgar Award Finalist, Complication

"The feminist heroine is a fresh twist on the thriller genre." --Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Scot Sothern:

"Scot Sothern is the real thing. This is damn good writing." --Dan Fante

"Armed with a camera and a gift for words, Scot Sothern crept into the darker corners of life and subjected himself to what J.M. Barrie called 'a long lesson in humility.' The result is a masterful memoir, full of truth-telling, ugliness, beauty, tragedy, and humor. "Curb Service" is brave, funny, and heartwarming in ways you can't see coming." --Bill Fitzhugh, author of "Pest Control" 

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Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 7:30pm
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Rockaway: A Novel Cover Image
Possibly out of print. Email or call to check availability and price.
ISBN: 9781593765163
Published: Soft Skull - May 28th, 2013

Bombshell: A Novel Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781593765132
Published: Soft Skull - July 2nd, 2013

Curb Service: A Memoir Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781593765200
Published: Soft Skull - July 16th, 2013