Events Archive

April 2024
4/11/24 At Skylight: Alvina Chamberland presents LOVE THE WORLD OR GET KILLED TRYING w/ Jarett Kobek & Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou
4/8/24 At Mark Taper Auditorium: Tommy Orange presents WANDERING STARS
4/5/24 At Skylight: Heather McCalden presents THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE w/ Rosecrans Baldwin
4/3/24 At Skylight: Ari Gold and Ethan Gold present FATHER VERSES SONS w/ Natasha Leggero
4/2/24 At Skylight: Maggie Thrash presents RAINBOW BLACK w/ Suzy Exposito & Cameron Esposito
4/1/24 Virtual Event: Emily Dickinson w/ Ernest Hemingway - A.I. Q&A!
March 2024
3/29/24 At Skylight: Sasha LaPointe presents THUNDER SONG
3/28/24 At Skylight: Rita Bullwinkel presents HEADSHOT w/ Kathryn Scanlan, Amina Cain, Rachel Khong, & Kelsey Shell
3/27/24 At Skylight: Catherine Lacey presents BIOGRAPHY OF X w/ Chris Kraus
3/25/24 At Skylight: Lauren Oyler presents NO JUDGMENT
3/22/24 At Skylight: Morgan Parker presents YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR w/ Morgan Parker
3/21/24 At Skylight: Jamie Figueroa presents MOTHER ISLAND w/ Keenan Norris
3/20/24 At Skylight: Ream Shukairy presents SIX TRUTHS AND A LIE w/ Hannah V. Sawyerr
3/19/24 At Skylight: Lisa Ko presents MEMORY PIECE w/ Rachel Khong
3/18/24 At Skylight: Tessa Hulls presents FEEDING GHOSTS w/ Melissa Chadburn
3/15/24 At Skylight: S. Fey presents DECOMPOSE w/ Michelle Tea
3/14/24 At Skylight: Xochitl Gonzalez presents ANITA DE MONTE LAUGHS LAST w/ Jean Guerrero
3/13/24 At Skylight: Katya Apekina presents MOTHER DOLL w/ Ottessa Moshfegh
3/12/24 At Skylight: Pamela Prickett & Stefan Timmermans present THE UNCLAIMED
3/11/24 At Skylight: TeaTime Book Club Presents Marie-Helene Bertino in Conversation with Claire Vaye Watkins
3/8/24 At Skylight: Emmeline Clein presents DEAD WEIGHT w/ Eliza McLamb
3/7/24 At Mark Taper Auditorium: Leslie Jamison presents SPLINTERS w/ Sarah Manguso
3/5/24 At Skylight: Diana Khoi Nguyen presents ROOT FRACTURES and Cindy Juyoung Ok presents WARD TOWARD
3/4/24 At Skylight: Sloane Crosley presents GRIEF IS FOR PEOPLE w/ Susan Orlean
3/1/24 At Skylight: Walela Nehanda presents BLESS THE BLOOD w/ Alyesha Wise
February 2024
2/29/24 At Skylight: Marisa Crawford presents THE WEIRD SISTER COLLECTION w/ Morgan Parker, Christopher Soto, Neelanjana Banerjee & Eleanor Whitney
2/26/24 At Skylight: Sarah Ruiz-Grossman presents A FIRE SO WILD w/ Traci Thomas
2/23/24 At Skylight: Laura Pritchett presents PLAYING WITH WILDFIRE w/ Andrew C. Gottlieb
2/20/24 At Skylight: Joseph Thomas presents SINK w/ Traci Thomas
2/19/24 At Skylight: Amy Spalding presents AT HER SERVICE
2/16/24 At Skylight: Mathieu Cailler presents FOREST FOR THE TREES w/ William R. Hincy
2/15/24 At Skylight: Blaise Agüera y Arcas presents WHO ARE WE NOW? w/ Joanne McNeil
2/13/24 At Skylight: Sarah Tomlinson presents THE LAST DAYS OF THE MIDNIGHT RAMBLERS w/ Samantha Dockser
2/12/24 Manjula Martin presents THE LAST FIRE SEASON w/ Edan Lepucki
2/9/24 At Skylight: Doran Larson presents INSIDE KNOWLEDGE w/ Sharon Dolovich
2/7/24 At Skylight: Tlotlo Tsamaase presents WOMB CITY w/ Gabrielle Korn
2/6/24 At Skylight: Linnea Axelsson presents AEDNAN w/ Saskia Vogel
2/2/24 At Skylight: Sarah Ghazal Ali presents THEOPHANIES w/ T. Bambrick & Claire Schwartz
2/1/24 At Skylight: Brandi Wells presents THE CLEANER w/ Aimee Bender
January 2024
1/31/24 At Skylight: India Mandelkern presents ELECTRIC MOONS