Events Archive

October 2023
10/18/23 At Skylight: Vincent Bevins presents IF WE BURN
10/18/23 At Mark Taper Auditorium: Rosa Lowinger presents DWELL TIME w/ Carolina A. Miranda
10/17/23 At Skylight: Lila Ash presents DECODEPENDENCE w/ Olivia de Recat
10/16/23 At Dynasty Typewriter: Bob and Erin Odenkirk present ZILOT w/ Stephanie Courtney
10/16/23 At Skylight: Isle McElroy presents PEOPLE COLLIDE w/ Jean Kyoung Frazier
10/13/23 At Skylight: David L. Ulin presents THIRTEEN QUESTION METHOD w/ Ivy Pochoda
10/12/23 At Dynasty Typewriter: Savannah Brown presents CLOSER BABY CLOSER w/ Gabi Abrāo & Fariha Róisín
10/12/23 At Skylight: Lawrence Lindell presents BLACKWARD w/ Ezra Claytan Daniels
10/11/23 At Skylight: Oliver Jeffers presents BEGIN AGAIN
10/10/23 At Skylight: Melissa Broder presents DEATH VALLEY
10/9/23 At Skylight: Justin Torres presents BLACKOUTS w/ Angela Flournoy
10/6/23 At Skylight: Daniel Sweren-Becker presents KILL SHOW
10/5/23 At Skylight: Anders Carlson-Wee presents DISEASE OF KINGS w/ F. Douglas Brown, Michelle Bitting, & Edgar Kunz
10/5/23 At Second Home Hollywood: Viet Thanh Nguyen presents A MAN OF TWO FACES w/ Susan Straight
10/4/23 At Skylight: Sheena Patel presents I'M A FAN
10/3/23 (POSTONED) At Skylight: Melissa Lozada-Oliva presents CANDELARIA w/ Olivia Gatwood (POSTPONED)
10/2/23 At Skylight: Jonathan Lethem presents BROOKLYN CRIME NOVEL w/ Danzy Senna
September 2023
9/28/23 At Skylight: Cleo Qian presents LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO & Alexandra Chang presents TOMB SWEEPING
9/26/23 At Zipper Hall: Lauren Groff presents THE VASTER WILDS w/ Melissa Chadburn
9/25/23 At Skylight: C Pam Zhang presents LAND OF MILK AND HONEY w/ Rachel Khong
9/23/23 At Skylight: Tracy Daugherty presents LARRY McMURTRY: A LIFE
9/22/23 At Skylight: Lynnée Denise presents WHY WILLIE MAE THORNTON MATTERS w/ Oliver Wang
9/21/23 At Skylight: G.T. Karber presents MURDLE, VOL. 2
9/20/23 At the Aratani Theatre: Zadie Smith presents THE FRAUD w/ David Ulin
9/20/23 At Skylight: Rosanna Xia presents CALIFORNIA AGAINST THE SEA w/ Steve Lopez
9/19/23 At Skylight: Mona Awad presents ROUGE w/ Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
9/18/23 At Skylight: David Connor presents OH GOD, THE SUN GOES w/ Morgan Parker
9/16/23 At Skylight: Noel Alumit presents MUSIC HEARD IN HI-FI
9/15/23 At Skylight: Amanda Montei presents TOUCHED OUT w/ Kate Durbin
9/14/23 At Skylight: Tod Goldberg presents GANGSTERS DON'T DIE w/ David Ulin
9/12/23 At Skylight: Fred Beshid presents FREE NANCY ESTING w/ Belinda Huijuan Tang
9/8/23 At Skylight: Hilary Leichter presents TERRACE STORY w/ Xuan Juliana Wang
9/6/23 At Mark Taper Auditorium: Naomi Klein presents DOPPELGANGER w/ Cory Doctorow
August 2023
8/31/23 At Skylight: Tilly Bridges presents BEGIN TRANSMISSION: THE TRANS ALLEGORIES OF THE MATRIX w/ Barbra Dillon
8/30/23 At Skylight: Shelly Page, Alex Brown, and Ryan Douglass present NIGHT OF THE LIVING QUEERS w/ Justine Pucella Winans
8/29/23 At Skylight: Prachi Gupta presents THEY CALLED US EXCEPTIONAL w/ Connie Wang
8/25/23 At Skylight: Christine Sneed presents DIRECT SUNLIGHT & Yxta Maya Murray presents GOD WENT LIKE THAT
8/23/23 At Skylight: Kate Doyle presents I MEANT IT ONCE w/ Tess Gunty
8/21/23 At Skylight: Shelley Parker-Chan presents HE WHO DROWNED THE WORLD w/ Victoria Aveyard
8/18/23 At Skylight: Catriona Ward presents LOOKING GLASS SOUND