Events Archive

July 2023
7/27/23 At Skylight: Shideh Etaat presents RANA JOON AND THE ONE AND ONLY NOW w/ Holly Laine Fairall
7/26/23 At Skylight: Adrienne Brodeur presents LITTLE MONSTERS w/ Meghan Daum
7/24/23 At Skylight: Alejandra Oliva presents RIVERMOUTH
7/21/23 At Skylight: Sarah Rose Etter presents RIPE w/ Tommy Pico & Morgan Parker
7/20/23 At Skylight: Cristina García presents VANISHING MAPS w/ Alex Espinoza
7/19/23 At Skylight: Kate Flannery presents STRIP TEES w/ Stephanie Danler
7/18/23 At Skylight: Simon Hanselmann presents WEREWOLF JONES & SONS
7/17/23 At Skylight: Chuck Tingle presents CAMP DAMASCUS
7/14/23 At Skylight: Haley Jakobson presents OLD ENOUGH w/ Jen Winston
7/13/23 At Skylight: Sonali Kolhatkar presents RISING UP w/ Jody Armour
7/12/23 At Skylight: Jenny Xie presents HOLDING PATTERN w/ Alexandra Chang
7/11/23 At Skylight: Ruth Madievsky presents ALL-NIGHT PHARMACY w/ Jean Kyoung Frazier
7/9/23 At Dynasty Typewriter: Greg Mania and Jen Winston present EMPTY TRASH readings!
7/8/23 At Skylight: (SCREEN)PLAY PRESS presents Dan Mirvish, Annika Pampel, & Lee Matthew Goldberg
7/1/23 At Skylight: Liz Kerin presents NIGHT'S EDGE w/ Brea Grant
June 2023
6/29/23 At Skylight: Brandon Hoàng presents GLORIA BUENROSTRO IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND w/ Maurene Goo
6/28/23 At Skylight: Daniel Meyers presents BERT MEYERS: ON THE LIFE AND WORK OF AN AMERICAN MASTER w/ Dana Levin, Amy Gerstler, & Victoria Chang
6/23/23 At Skylight: Julia Wertz presents IMPOSSIBLE PEOPLE w/ Lisa Hanawalt
6/22/23 At Skylight: K.X. Song presents AN ECHO IN THE CITY w/ Amanda Glaze
6/21/23 At Skylight: Megan Fernandes presents I DO EVERYTHING I'M TOLD w/ Morgan Parker & Aria Aber
6/20/23 At Skylight: Natalie Beach presents ADULT DRAMA w/ Alissa Nutting
6/16/23 At Skylight: Jack Skelley presents THE COMPLETE FEAR OF KATHY ACKER w/ Chris Kraus
6/15/23 At Skylight: Rina Ayuyang presents THE MAN IN THE MCINTOSH SUIT w/ Pornsak Pichetshote
6/15/23 At the Herald Examiner Building: 13th Annual Zócalo Public Square Book Prize
6/14/23 At Skylight: Adorah Nworah presents HOUSE WOMAN w/ Anna Dorn
6/14/23 CANCELED: At Barnsdall Gallery Theatre: Ken Jennings presents 100 PLACES TO SEE AFTER YOU DIE
6/13/23 At Skylight: Javier Fuentes presents COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN w/ Stephanie Danler
6/12/23 At Skylight: Daniel Weizmann presents THE LAST SONGBIRD w/ Ben Merlis
6/10/23 SOLD OUT At Zipper Hall: Ocean Vuong presents TIME IS A MOTHER w/ Lan Duong
6/9/23 At Skylight: UC RIverside MFA Reading
6/8/23 At Skylight: Jane Wong presents MEET ME IN ATLANTIC CITY w/ Morgan Parker
6/7/23 At Skylight: Joshua Burton presents GRACE ENGINE w/ Jessica Abughattas & Meg Shevenock
6/6/23 At Skylight: Emerson Whitney presents DADDY BOY w/ Michelle Tea
6/5/23 At Skylight: Theodore McCombs presents URANIANS w/ Aimee Bender
6/4/23 At Skylight: Exposition Review launches Issue VIII
6/3/23 At Skylight: Teresa Anne Power presents YOGA AT THE AQUARIUM
6/2/23 At Skylight: Grace Lavery presents PLEASURE AND EFFICACY w/ Lily Woodruff
6/1/23 At Skylight: K. Iver presents SHORT FILM STARRING MY BELOVED'S RED BRONCO w/ T Bambrick
May 2023
5/31/23 At Skylight: Alex Pappademas & Joan LeMay present QUANTUM CRIMINALS w/ Matthew Specktor
5/30/23 At Skylight: Lan Duong (NOTHING FOLLOWS) and Diana Khoi Nguyen (GHOST OF)