Events Archive

May 2023
5/26/23 At Skylight: Mallory O'Meara and Jen Vaughn launch GIRLS MAKE MOVIES
5/25/23 At Skylight: Santi Elijah Holley presents AN AMERIKAN FAMILY
5/25/23 At Rainbow Bar: John Wray presents GONE TO THE WOLVES w/ J. Bennett
5/24/23 At Skylight: Johanna Hedva presents YOUR LOVE IS NOT GOOD w/ Charlotte Cotton
5/22/23 At Dynasty Typewriter: Jamie Loftus presents RAW DOG
5/22/23 At Skylight: Francesca Bell presents WHAT SMALL SOUND w/ Special Guests!
5/20/23 At Skylight: Cathy Linh Che and Kyle Lucia Wu present AN ASIAN AMERICAN A TO Z
5/18/23 At Skylight: Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah presents CHAIN GANG ALL-STARS w/ Traci Thomas
5/17/23 At Skylight: Alexandra Auder presents DON'T CALL ME HOME w/ Maggie Nelson
5/16/23 CANCELLED: Sasha Velour presents THE BIG REVEAL
5/15/23 At Dynasty Typewriter: Emma Cline launches THE GUEST w/ Rachel Kushner
5/12/23 At Skylight: Andrew Porter presents THE DISAPPEARED w/ Holiday Reinhorn & Jonathan Blum
5/11/23 At Skylight: Savannah Manhattan presents THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT THEO
5/11/23 AT THE ACE HOTEL DTLA: Charif Shanahan presents TRACE EVIDENCE w/ Morgan Parker, Safia Elhillo, & Paul Tran
5/9/23 At Skylight: Alex Mar presents SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN w/ Ivy Pochoda
5/5/23 At Skylight: Ramona Ausubel presents THE LAST ANIMAL w/ Maggie Shipstead
5/4/23 At Skylight: Chad L. Williams presents THE WOUNDED WORLD w/ Robin D.G. Kelley
5/3/23 At Skylight: Katie Skelly presents THE AGENCY w/ Tina Horn
5/2/23 At Skylight: Austen Leah Rose presents ONCE, THIS FOREST BELONGED TO A STORM w/ Erin Marie Lynch, Alexandria Hall, & Aria Aber
5/1/23 At Skylight: Chana Porter presents THE THICK AND THE LEAN w/ Agnes Borinsky
April 2023
4/22/23 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC
4/18/23 At Skylight: J. Ryan Stradal presents SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE LAKESIDE SUPPER CLUB w/ Meg Howrey
4/15/23 At Skylight: Jim Ruland presents MAKE IT STOP w/ Bucky Sinister
4/13/23 At Skylight: Elizabeth Metzger presents LYING IN w/ Julia Anna Morrison & Austen Leah Rose
4/12/23 At Skylight: Maurene Goo presents THROWBACK w/ Marie Lu
4/11/23 At Skylight: Justine Pucella Winans presents BIANCA TORRE IS AFRAID OF EVERYTHING w/ Edward Underhill
4/7/23 At Skylight: Miah Jeffra presents AMERICAN GOSPEL w/ Special Guests!
4/5/23 At Barnsdall Gallery Theatre: Alison Roman presents SWEET ENOUGH
4/4/23 At Skylight: Matthew Zapruder presents STORY OF A POEM w/ Victoria Chang
March 2023
3/30/23 At Skylight: Monica Youn presents FROM FROM w/ Victoria Chang
3/29/23 AT SKYLIGHT: Mark Oshiro presents INTO THE LIGHT w/ Adam Silvera
3/27/23 At Skylight: Esther Yi presents Y/N
3/26/23 At Skylight: Marie Lu presents STARS AND SMOKE w/ Maurene Goo
3/24/23 At Skylight: Leslie Stein presents BROOKLYN'S LAST SECRET w/ J.C. Gabel
3/23/23 At Skylight: Mandy Kahn presents HOLY DOORS
3/22/23 At Skylight: Angela Peñaredondo (NATURE TO BE FELT...), Vickie Vertiz (AUTO/BODY), & Cynthia Dewi Oka (A TINDERBOX IN THREE ACTS)
3/21/23 At Skylight: Kerry Howley presents BOTTOMS UP AND THE DEVIL LAUGHS w/ Susanna Fogel
3/20/23 AT MARK TAPER AUDITORIUM: Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai presents DUST CHILD
3/16/23 At Skylight: Tom Comitta presents THE NATURE BOOK
3/16/23 AT SECOND HOME: Gabrielle Blair presents EJACULATE RESPONSIBLY w/ Caissie St. Onge