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Welcome to the official first Issue of the Notebook magazine! Issue 2 also available!

An extension of MUBI’s advocacy for the art of cinema, the publication is a new platform aiming at opening up cinema’s present, past, and future to both new and existing audiences. Issue 1 of the Notebook magazine features original contributions by artists, writers, filmmakers, and scholars about a unique and eclectic array of cinematic subjects, including sections devoted to new openings around the world—theaters, galleries, and exhibition venues—and cinematic beginnings approached from unexpected angles. Features encompass, among others, an in-depth conversation between Academy Award-winning director Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Drive My Car) and artist Yoshitomo Nara; a chorus of personal reflections and stories shared by exiled Afghan filmmakers; a close-up look at the stunning celluloid collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris; a history of the movie podcast phenomenon; hand-decorated 16mm film cans; and unique carte blanche contributions by Christopher Doyle and Jessica Beshir.

37000 words
245 images
128 pages

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