Order Pickup vs. Shipping

We strongly recommend choosing in-store pickup on your order for two reasons: (1) we now process each book on a pickup order as soon as it arrives, so a backordered or not-yet-published book won’t hold up the rest of your order; and (2) our customers have experienced long USPS delays and a major uptick in porch theft this year with shipped books. In-store pickup is faster and more reliable.

We continue to offer shipping, and will happily ship your order if that’s the best option for you. However, due to frequent, serious problems we've experienced with Media Mail this year, including weeks-long delays and lost packages, we are removing Media Mail as a shipping option for non-Friends with Benefits members. All shipping for non-members will be Priority Mail.

Members in our Friends with Benefits program get free Media Mail shipping as a benefit of membership, and we will continue to offer that service. However, we're also offering discounted Priority Mail for members (starting at $5.95) to give them a more reliable option for the holiday season.

Also, please note that we ship an order once it’s all here, so your order won’t ship until any backordered or not-yet-published books have come in.