The Collected Griefs Book Bouquet -

Poetry Bouquet: The Collected Griefs (or, Snatches Of Lovely Oblivion)

For National Poetry Month, April’s bouquet gathers four books of poetry that hold and transform grief. These are books where poetry becomes the warm hands that take up something cold or hot and change its temperature -- loosen it, somehow. 

Where do griefs come from? How do you blow grief through a horn, or rub it till it shines with uncanny luster? The collected griefs are a bouquet of affect: a quotidian loneliness, a joyous interrogation, a sustained anger, knot together by the necessity of love.

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Featuring recent favorites and rediscovered gems

Included in your bouquet are:

A Jazz Funeral For Uncle Tom / by Harmony Holiday

Phone Bells Keep Ringing For Me / by Choi Seungja 

Holeplay / by Dan Schapiro

Glaring / by Benjamin Krusling


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