Rabbit Hole Reading Club


Rabbit Hole Reading Club is a nonfiction subscription service from Skylight Books. Dive into pressing topics, eye-opening true life stories, and untold histories every month. Featuring a smattering of memoirs, essays, history, political writing, and more, this service looks to feature the best in new nonfiction writing.  This subscription is perfect for the lifelong learner, for those looking to stretch their mind, to explore the corners of the unknown, and expand into new ideas. We hope to provide eye opening and perspective shifting reads for you every month.

To subscribe, please fill out the form below. The monthly price of the subscription is the price of the book, with a 1 cent starting fee. Books are available for pick-up or media mail shipping ($6). Friends With Benefits discounts do apply but only to the price of the book, not the shipping costs.

If you would like to join or gift this subscription, please fill out the form below. Please sure to save your credit card to your account at checkout.

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If you sign up now, the membership fee will be charged within one week of sign-up and separate from your first book purchase.
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If you choose in-store pickup but do not pick up your book within three months, we will charge you for shipping and ship to this address.