Something Else Yearbook 1974

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Herman, Jan
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This book exists as the only edition of what was originally intended as an annual yearbook series from Something Else Press. The book compiles a range of material: various types of poetry, essays, collages, event documentation, photographs, drawings and more. It also includes older work by Kurt Schwitters and Francis Picabia that was deemed relevant to the more contemporary contributions. The publishers designated this volume as a yearbook because wanted to present a record of things that they had come in contact with at a given time. As a result, the quality and relevance of contributions varies widely while standing out as a sort of time capsule for the subject matter that came in contact with Something Else Press. The publishers call it “a great, big diary, spontaneous and full of zest.”

With over forty-one contributors including Charles Bukowski, Paul-Armand Gette, John Giorno, Dick Higgins, Milan Knizak, Alison Knowles, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Mieko Shiomi, Wolf Vostell and an interview between Dan Georgakas and William Burroughs.

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